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Forget about motivation: Develop habits instead.

You could love what you are working on— a true passion project— and still lose motivation half way through it. Why?! Why is life so cruel? Why do we lose motivation even when we are deeply passionate about the work? And, more importantly, how can we continue moving our projects forward without it? Let’s break… Read More

Why you struggle with “lack of productivity” guilty.

I am that person who creates schedules and to-do lists. I like feeling organized and on-track, so when I get off track, I start to feel guilty. The little voice in my head starts telling me I am not working hard enough, not working as hard as my peers, and I’ll never get anywhere with… Read More

Business Spending Dos and Don’t on a tight budget.

If you have a dollar and a dream, this one is for you! This post is for my friends with a dollar and a dream. For the person who really wants to start, promote, or elevate their business on a tight budget. To be clear, I DO think you need to spend money to make… Read More

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