Day 5: Our Burning World.

30 Day Writing Challenge

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In light of the environment march happening today and throughout the weekend, I’ve decided to reflect on our burning planet. What I really don’t understand about the likes of Fox News and other outlets is that they like to toot the conservative horn and say they are God loving Christians, blah blah blah, but then they blindly follow an administration that literally could not care less about “God’s shepherds” or anything resembling human sympathy. I think it’s comical that many thought his “businessman mentality” was going to somehow “save America.” How did no one consider that his “businessman mentality” would serve to help his buddies in big business get more tax breaks and deregulation?

And that’s the point I want to touch on: deregulation. Since coming into office, the Trump Administration has put into effect 13 environmental deregulatory measures, the latest being a deregulation of solid waste material dumped in our rivers and other water sources. I know a lot fo people are thinking, so what? Well the “so what” is that, that regulation was put into place to prevent coal industries and other toxic waste from entering our drinking water supply. To put this into persecutive, whenever I travel to the Dominican Republic or other “developing country,” there are little signs on the counter of the bathroom sink that say DO NOT DRINK. That’s what this deregulation is doing to us, turning us into a third world country.

Moving right along, let’s talk about the fires in California. It’s true that California has had numerous forest fires throughout the years. It is also true that the 2017 California fires were the largest and most destructive fires to date. Full stop…Remember Trump’s response to the fires? How could we not. He received several scathing replies not only from public figures, but the very firefighters risking their lives to put out the fires and save others. Should I even mention the fact that those parks are federally managed? No, let’s move on.

The big bad woof: climate change. Is it happening? Is it real? Is it a fact? America seems to be the only place on earth debating this. Let’s say for laughs and giggles that global warming is in fact happening….Hypothetically speaking, it would effect the lives of Trump supports and other disenfranchised people the most. You’re name is Adam, you work in a meat butchering factory in Oklahoma, you have your wife, 4 kids and your in laws to feed. Oklahoma is experiencing the hottest summer to date and all the power goes out in your town for a week. You don’t get paid for that week because the factory is closed, your mother in law can’t make it up and down the stairs because of heat exhaustion, your wife is nagging about the scarcity in the fridge. You have a problem there buddy. This is just one example, there are countless.

If we want to sit here and debate whether global warming is real then fine, but can we not debate the right to feel safe and secure? Strict environmental regulations are meant to protect the Adams, the Californians, the West Virginians, and the rest of us from harmful chemicals and practices that pollute not just our environments but also our lives. It’s not a matter of whether climate change is happening (because that’s a fact), it’s about safe practices that are for the greater good of our society as a whole…not just big business.

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