Day 11: Error 567—When life interrupts your plans…

30 Day Writing Challenge

Here’s the thing— sometimes we have these HUGE plans for ourselves and then BOMB, life happens and ruins it all for us. For example, I’m currently doing this 30 day writing challenge, but yesterday there just wasn’t enough hours in the day. I woke up at 5am to walk my dogs and get ready for a 6:15am pilates class. Then I had a doctor’s appointment at 8am. I went to work and got home around 5:30pm, walked my dogs, ate dinner and then headed to my social kickball league at 6:45pm. Came home around 9:30pm and walked my dogs again before passing out. It. Was. A. LONG. Day.

But here is the other thing—we can’t give up. Almost every goal I’ve ever set for myself has been accomplished imperfectly. That’s to say that it’s HARD work and there will be set backs—period. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be called “a goal” because we’d just do it. A goal is something that you’d like to accomplish, that you can envision yourself accomplishing, and that you know you need to work for to accomplish.

Don’t let set backs hold you back. Push through the negative thoughts that you aren’t good enough or that you won’t succeed. That’s just your fear of failure screaming at you from the back of the room. So I didn’t post yesterday for my #30daywritingchallenge, but I’ll post twice today. I’ll keep going even if I stumble. I’ll keep writing even if no one ever reads it and it turns out to be trash. It’s more important to finish a goal you’ve set for yourself than to have countless goals. And it’s more important than ever in this era of social media “likes” and other external validations, to validate yourself and be proud of yourself for your accomplishments. That’s why I keep writing.

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