Day 20: The Truth about Side Hustles…

How to really make money from a side hustle.

30 Day Writing Challenge

The Infamous Side Hustle.

I just watched an 18 minute Youtube video on side hustles. It is one of countless Youtube videos and blog posts that I’ve seen or read detailing the many side hustles at your disposal. What many of these videos and posts don’t tell you, is just how hard it is to actually make money from the “gig” industry. They also neglect to mention that they started their “side hustles” while in college or as stay at home moms or while working part-time to make more income.

It’s not just “here is a list of side hustles, do all of them and make money.”

Many of the commonly suggested side hustles take a significant amount of time and effort before you start making any real money. Take Youtube, for example—you need a pretty substantial following on the platform before you can start making money off ads and subscribers. The blog Sellfy does a great job at explaining how to make money on Youtube—for starters, you need 1,000 subscribers. That is to say, it aint happening overnight.

The other thing to consider is the fierce amount of competition out there. I once considered selling homemade lotions and body butters on Etsy, which I like to make on my spare time, but after a quick inventory of what was already selling, I realized the retail value would be less than the cost to make them! Not to mention the amount of time and effort that goes into crafting, building a brand and, marketing your products.

What To Do

The matter of the fact is that side hustles CAN make you good money. Some people have even turned their side hustles into their main hustles. It’s also a great financial practice to diversify your income streams. So how do you do it? Here are some things I’ve learned from my many side hustle experiments.

Start with just One.

First thing’s first; master one side hustle at a time. I started dog sitting about 2 years ago and it has taken me until now to really get it doing. First I worked for a company, which helped me gain experience that I was able to promote when I went solo. After a few good reviews, I started to get more requests and book more gigs.

Master it.

The key to “mastering” a side hustle is studying what works and what doesn’t work, then executing for optimal results. For example, I read tons of articles on how to make money as a dog sitter and what makes a good dog sitter, resulting in 5 star reviews and repeat customers.

Nurture it.

Another essential part of growing your side hustle is to treat it as a high paying job, even if it’s not yet. Whenever I receive a dog sitting request, I reply within the hour—good customer service goes a long way! Whether it’s a $50 job or a $300 job, I make sure the pet owner feels their dog is my top priority. Usually the outcome is a repeat costumer, resulting in continued cash flow.

And Repeat.

I’ve made pretty good money dog sitting, although I know the potential to grow is still huge! At the same time, now that I’ve mastered the general principles of making money through dog sitting, I can start venturing into other money making hustles.

The Bottom Line

Like I said, side hustles can definitely make you good money, but you really need to hone in and focus on one at a time for it to reach its full potential. If you dedicated 5 hours a week to taking surveys online, you’d probably make much more money than if you took one survey a month.

Dabbling here and there will not make you as much money as mastering and nurturing one side hustle. The logic is simple; you might be good at many things but without practice and dedication, you will never be great, and if you aren’t great, you’ll be side swept by the competition!

So really the message is, let’s all be great.

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