Day 22: Save your Soul

30 Day Writing Challenge

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When someone says mind, body, and soul, what do you think of? I thought I knew what that trio meant until I really sat down to think about it and realized I only knew what mind and body meant! What is a soul? Do I have one? Is it real? I did a quick google search (as I often do in these situations, THANK YOU INTERNET GODS!), and found a really thorough and interesting article by the Daily Beast, titled Where in your Body is your Soul? While the article digs deep into the science of located a physical soul, it did introduce what I thought was the soul, before I could put it into words.

intangible, incorporeal essence


Your soul is the symbolic representation of who you are as a person. Huh? Let’s try again: your soul is defined by who you are, such as, are you a nice person; are you kind; are you generous; are you greedy; are you compassionate? You get the gist…

Consider the phrase, “I sold my soul to the Devil”—what are you really saying? You’re saying you did something evil, something unkind, something backstabbing, or for your own benefit at the expense of others. Likewise, the expression “a gentle soul,” refers to someone kind, caring, amicable.

So really, your soul is nothing more than a manifestation of your character. If you are religious or spiritual, you want to preserve your soul by being of good character. Taking a different angle, if we consider the evolutionary lens, which categorizes humans as social beings, we can make the argument that we are all innately “gentle souls.”

In fact, according to Psychology Today, “Human beings are social animals, and the tenor of someone’s social life is one of the most important influences on mental and physical health.” So not only is being a good neighbor an innate quality in us, it is essential to the healthy living trifecta-mind, body and soul.

The Bottom Line

The message here is really about being kind, well meaning people. We are all busy and wrapped up in our own little worlds day in and day out. Sometimes it’s very difficult to mind our manners or project positivity when we are going through a bad day or have 300 million things on our mind. The thing is, spreading a little joy can really feed your soul, reflect off the walls, and bring you joy right back.

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