Day 24: Skeletons

30 Day Writing Challenge

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Jorge drives down McArthur Blvd at lightning speed. He has to get home before dinner time or he will never hear the end of it. His wife Valentina talked his ear off last night, complaining about his late nights “at the office” and his lack of respect for family time. Valentina is a stickler for rules. She’s the glue that holds the family together, but at just 5’2, she can also be a vicious little women, intimidating even the toughest macho man.

Jorge abruptly parks his car in front of the house with 2 minutes to spare. The way he was swerving cars left and right, it was a miracle he made it home at all. Inside the house, Valentina is almost done setting the table, she looks up and smiles at Jorge as he walks through the door. “Mi amor, right on time!” she exclaims. Jorge smiles at his wife, and at the feast laid out on the table. He began to salivate as he thought of what was to come. He hadn’t eaten quality food in 3 days!

Before he can take his place at the table, Jorge is startled by the sound of four little feet stomping towards him. “Papi, papi!” they scream. Julio, 4, and Marco, 3, run towards Jorge with full force. Jorge kneels down with his arms wide open to catch the little balls of energy before they knock down the table and everything on it. It felt good to see his boys! Since coming home late these past few days, he’d only seen them fast asleep.

After dinner, the family sits on the couch to watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix. Valentina snuggles close to Jorge as he puts his arm around her. This is the good life, he thinks to himself. The kids love Jane the Virgin, it’s the only show that will get them to stop fidgeting. They make it through two episodes before bedtime and the kids protest and plead for one more episode. Valentina does not budge— the boys look to Jorge for help, he laughs and shrugs his shoulders, “Sorry, mi hijos, you know the rules,” he says.

Once the boys are tucked in, Valentina and Jorge head to bed. Jorge stares up at the ceiling as he takes a deep breath. Valentina gives him a side eye and lets out an exaggerated sigh, “What is it now Jorge? Let me guess, another work trip? You are going to need a new job, you can’t leave me and the boys all the time. This is not what I signed up for when we got married.” Oh boy, how did she know, thinks Jorge. “Oh mi amor, don’t get like that. You know I have to work. They assign me leads and I have to take them, it’s part of the job.

“They assign me leads and I have to take them,” Valentina mimics under her breath. Jorge can cut the tension with a knife. He knows the lifestyle he’s been leading is not sustainable, but how does he get out now when he’s in so deep?

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