Day 25: Skeletons Part 2

30 Day Writing Challenge

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George drove up McArthur Blvd at lighting speed. He had to get home before breakfast or he would never hear the end of it. His wife Melissa talked his ear off yesterday, complaining about him working too much and his lack of respect for family time. Melissa was usually more laid back, but ever since having baby Rylan, she’s all about family time now. They used to be so carefree and spontaneous, where did the times go?

George clicks the remote on his keys to open the gate into his garage. He looks at his watch—shoot, he thinks, I’m 20 minutes late. “You’re late,” announces Melissa, before he fully steps into the house. George offers her a wiry smile, “I’m sorry, there was alot of traffic.” He gives her a kiss on the cheek and grabs baby Rylan from his playpen. Melissa gives him the side eye and heads over to the kitchen.

“I made you some breakfast, George,” she says. Still playing with Rylan, George nods in acknowledgment. In his head, he is secretly cursing himself. Melissa hates the kitchen and it hates her. It wasn’t a problem before but now with the baby, she’s taken up cooking as her new hobby— to George’s dismay. He hasn’t eaten decent food in 3 days!

After breakfast, Melissa is off to drop baby Rylan at his sitter’s. George, who’s a writer by day and a security guard by night, goes to his office to get some work done. Now the real fun begins, he thinks to himself. They can only afford a sitter for a few hours, so George has to make the most out of his peace and quiet before heading out to pick up the baby. He is currently working on a novel, A Tale of Two Sons, about these two brothers who fall in love with the same woman and don’t know it. The story is based off George’s life, sort of.

He’s hoping this book will be the answer to all his prayers. Finances have not been his friend since baby Rylan came on the seen. It’s safe to say, George has bitten off more than he can chew these days.

Baby Rylan and George are back home from the sitter’s around 3pm. He walks over to the kitchen and puts Rylan in his high chair. He is so distracted by all he has to do before heading out in an hour— feed Rylan, clean the litter box, shower, get ready— that he doesn’t notice the blue handbag sitting on the kitchen table. George runs to the fridge to grab Rylan’s finger food, puts it on his high top table and runs upstairs.

In his bedroom he checks the baby monitor is on and working before frantically taking off his clothes to hop in the shower. Five minutes later, George hurries out of the shower and starts getting dressed. Looking at his watch, he shakes his head wondering how 45 minutes have past already.

Jolting down the stairs, he doesn’t hear the back door opening as Melissa and her new friend she met at yoga a few weeks ago, step into the kitchen. George hears Melissa’s voice in the kitchen talking to someone and decides to head straight for the door, better to apology later for running off without goodbyes than to be late, he thinks.

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