Visualize Your Goals into Reality

How often do you hear the little voice in your head telling you you can’t do something?

I would have loved to be a ballerina, but it’s too late.

I want to own my own business but I can’t afford to quit my job.

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…..

Then we rationalize in the next part of the thought, “I can’t because….”


The first step in accomplishing anything is believing that you can. You’ve been telling yourself for so long that you can’t, and now you whole heartedly believe it. The good news is, the same way you stuck in your head that you can’t do something is the way you can stick into your head that you can do something. And that is where visualization comes in.

Visualize it.

Visualization is the practice of envisioning yourself accomplishing your goals. You are creating scenes in your head about how things will be when XYZ goal is complete. Say your dream is to live in a cabin overlooking the mountains— to visualize it, is to see yourself in that cabin with a cup of Joe, overlooking the mountains. We naturally do this all the time (i.e daydreaming), but then we stop ourself short and think things like, “Get your head out of the clouds, that will never happen,” or “Eh maybe one day,” or “Maybe if I win the lottery.”

Flip it on its Head:

Maybes = Wills and Someday = Today

Visualization is about converting the statement “I can do it” to “I will do it.” You don’t need to convince yourself that you can do something, because simply being able to do something is not enough. If you want to accomplish something, you must give yourself a call to action, you must tell yourself you will do it.

Start Here:

Try one of the methods below for visualizing your dreams—

Vision Board

Vision Boards, like this one from, are a great creative project for those who like arts and crafts. When it’s done, place it somewhere where you will see it daily to remind yourself of your goals.

Daily Mantra or Affirmations Practice

Give yourself 1-2 minutes each day to repeat your mantra or postive affirmations to yourself. This is about setting your intention for the day. If you set a positive intention, you are more likely to have a good day.

I am grateful for this day.

I will do great things today.

I will work towards my goals today.

I will be positive today.

Today will be a good day.

(And Repeat)


Writing things down and keeping track of the process is a great way to turn dreams into goals, and goals into action items. Like this printable available on, you can buy pre-designed templates or get inspiration from Pinterest to make your own.

The Bottom Line

Visualization emphasizes the importance of believing in yourself. By envisioning your future and reminding yourself constantly that you will accomplish your goals, you are reprograming your psyche away from negativity and giving yourself the confidence to take action. Of course the next step is to actually TAKE ACTION, but hey, as the old cliché goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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