Happiness Series: Where to start?

A quest for answers…

I recently started reading Jonathan Haidt’s book, the Happiness Hypothesis, and while only on chapter 3, I find that it has opened my eyes to really interesting findings on the human brain, psychology, and morality. This makes sense since Dr. Haidt is a moral and ethics professor at NYU. But the book, according to its title, isn’t about morals and ethics, or the human psychology, rather about happiness.

Without having read the entire book, I suspect Dr. Haidt’s conclusion is that we are the key to our own happiness. But what does that mean? What does happiness mean? Is it a sense of content with our lives? Is it the feeling of joy and excitement? Is it living without regrets?

I think there is a big difference between looking back at your life, feeling content or satisfaction with how it played out, and living everyday as a happy person—as someone who is truly happy in every sense of the word. I want to explore how we obtain happiness in our everyday lives. How do we cut down on stress and worry, and start living our lives to the fullest. To tackle this seemingly impossible task, I’ve decided to write a series of posts to review and summarize Dr. Haidt’s book and other works out there on happiness.

This post is part of the Happiness Series. View more posts from this series.

Check out Dr. Haidt’s book site: Thehappinesshypothesis.com

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