Karma is a bitch.

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What I said in my last post about the negative influence your friends can have on you applies to everyone you ever come in contact with. You can be walking down the street and bump into someone who yells at you and completely alters your mood for the worse. Had the person said they were sorry and smiled apologetically, you might have thought, “oh it’s okay, no worries.” Or maybe you are the grumpy one who scowls at them and completely sours their day. If the latter is true, you should seriously re-evaluate the energy you put out into the world, because that same energy will come back at you three fold.

When I say “energy,” I don’t mean the force is with you, or that we are all walking around with a ring of translucent light around us. It’s really simple actually. Your energy, your vibe, your “aura,” is the person you present to the world. When you walk into a room and smile at the people there or greet the bus driver or acknowledge the homeless, you make the impression that you are a kind, compassionate person. It’s not necessarily a “feeling” others get about you, it’s an observation. Everyone we come into contact with makes a observation and a judgement call about us.

Other people’s reactions to our actions dictate the way we view the world and visversa, the way we view the world dictates the way we interact with other people. This can be explained through the law of Karma. Karma has research behind it that suggests that our own behavior can influence the way we see the world around us. In other words, if you see the world as a dismal, fruitless place, then the world will inevitable respond in a dismal, fruitless place. That’s because we as social beings are inherently prone to mirror each other. If Stacy smiles at me, I smile back, if she keeps walking and ignores me, I will more than likely ignore her back— that kind of thing.

On the up side, we have agency over our actions and reactions, so we could choose to smile regardless of what Stacy does, and that’s the secret to getting Karma on our side. If this does nothing else, it keeps us in a positive state of mind, further promoting the idea the idea that having a positive attitude is more useful and productive than having a negative attitude, which also has been studied widely by social scientists. The point is that there really is a boomerang effect at play here. Whether you look at the scientific evidence or the spiritual, there is something to be said about how we interact with the world and how the world responds.

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