September 2020 Book Review

I stumbled upon Brendon Burchard on the Joe Rogan podcast and was impressed by what he had to say. Then somewhere towards the end or the middle, he said my book, High Performance Habits, is on my podcast channel for free as an audio book. It’s all of season 4. Uhm. Okay. So I found his podcast and went to season 4 and listened to him read his own book. This time I really liked what he had to say. Brendon is an executive coach whose worked with thousands of executives and other high level business people. His company has conducted large scale studies to identify the habits of successful people.

I found his book really interesting because he gives several real life examples and also provides practical exercises for the listener to try on their own time. If you go to his website, you can also find other tools and resources on the website (so he says in the book but I couldn’t find exactly where they were).

And for those not interested in picking up the book or listening to Brendon personally, I’ve summarized them below, also check out my video for a more in-depth explanation. You can also find two good articles on the book, one by entrepreneur and one by

High Performance Habits according to Brendon;

  • Seek Clarity: Get into the habit of continuously evaluating your goals and what you are putting energy into. 
  • Generate Energy: avoid burnout by giving yourself breaks 
  • Raise necessity: Why is this important? 
  • Increase Productivity: Focus on the important things first and always. Be a big picture thinker and don’t get stuck in the details. Once you have the big idea, think ahead, what steps are necessary to make the big idea a reality? 
  • Develop Influence: help others reach their goals and guide them through it. Inspiring others to grow will in turn develop yourself as an influencer. 
  • Demonstrate Courage: Fear is a natural part of growth but pushing through it is where the growth happens. Also finding something or someone to fight for, makes it all the more important and will motivate you more to keep going. 

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