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TheGoodLife Co.‘s mission is to help new small business entrepreneurs use online tools to be successful while maintaining a healthy work life balance.

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Origin Story

Catherine (Cat) Marte founded TheGoodLife Co. in 2018 one year after her father lost his life to a rare form of cancer.

For Cat, something fundamental changed with the passing of her father. It was as if the transient nature of life was revealed for the first time. And this brought up the most essential questions of her existence, “Am I living the life I want to live? Am I happy? Am I fulfilled in life?” She made the decision that whether she died tomorrow or in fifty years, she wanted to look back and be able to say, this was the life I intentionally created for myself. TheGoodLife Co. is the manifestation of this decision and the vehicle that that brings this ethos to the world.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Cat; Entrepreneur, Writer, Success Coach, Education Advocate, and many other things that won’t fit in this tiny header.

Welcome to my tiny piece of the internet. I purchased this cyber real estate back in 2018 when I realized I could be whoever the fuck I wanted to be (still working on my cursing, sorry mom!). At the time, I wanted to bring inspiration and practical life tips to the world, so I started a blog. At the same time, I wanted to be a life coach (for the same purpose of bring inspiration and practical life tips to the world), so I paused blogging and started my coaching journey. In 2020 I really started to miss writing and came to a difficult crossroad in my journey; do I want to write or do I want to coach? What else can I do to help people create meaning and joy in their lives? I also have a separate full time job by the way! So the question became, what entity, platform or service can be all encompassing of my ethos and mission?

This dilemma I was in reminds me of an interview with author George Saunders who said we humans love autopilot because it takes away the burden of always having to decide, so we choose to do one thing for the rest of our lives and that’s the thing we stick with (Ten Percent Happier Podcast with Dan Harris, episode 332). My question is, if we are living on autopilot then how can we know if our lives are meaningful and fulfilling?

I believe each and everyone of us are more than meets the eye. We are complex and multifaceted beings who are capable of excelling at more than we give ourselves credit for. And the key to doing all the things is to live with intentionality.

It is my personal goal on this tiny piece of the internet to provide products and services that will steer people towards a life of happiness and meaning. I focus specifically on new entrepreneurs because I know first hand how time-consuming and draining a new entrepreneur’s life can be (but honestly, who doesn’t benefits from a life of happiness and meaning?). The goal of TheGoodLife Co. is to help those ambitious go-getters focus on personal accountability, inspiration, self awareness, and intentionality, while also building a profitable business. (P.S. if you are interested in exploring your full potential through coaching, learn more about my signature coaching program ).

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