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How to juggle your 9-5 and your side hustle.

So you’ve decided to start a business (or maybe you’re calling it a side hustle, passion project— other income generating activity), and now you realize it takes A LOT more work than you’d expected. You’ve found yourself wondering how in the world you are suppose to manage your full time job, your new business and your social/personal life without burning out?! Honestly, I’m not going to sugar coat it, the struggle is real! Here are some tips for managing your full time job and your side business.

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You can’t sell on social media without being social.

Instagram’s goal is to have users spend as much time on the app as possible. Your goal is to convert followers into customers. Why not use Instagram’s goal to fuel your own? Keep reading for tips on increasing your engagement levels.

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3 Tips for getting EVERYTHING done on your To-Do list.

Have you ever felt like your to-do list grows at speeds beyond humanly possible? As if you get one thing done and five more are added out of nowhere? In this post I share my 3 tips for getting everything on your to-do list done.

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Day 3: Five Day Writing Retox

Prompt: What am I more afraid of, failure or success? This is a free writing exercise so the following might make little to no sense.…

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Day 2: Five Day Writing Retox

Prompt: If my success was inevitable, what would I do? This is a free writing exercise so the following might make little to no sense.…

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Day 1: Five Day Writing Retox

Prompt: Are you happy with your life as a whole? This is a free writing exercise so the following might make little to no sense.…

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Avoiding burnout as a new entrepreneur

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had profitable online businesses and free time to do the things that we want to do without the burnout? Fortunately, this is totally possible if we equip ourselves with the right processes and systems to make it happen.

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Vulnerability can be your superpower!

I sat down with Gary, a tutor and aspiring life coach, to talk about what it means to be vulnerable and how vulnerability can help us, rather than hinder us. I have to admit, not too long ago, I thought being vulnerable (and showing it) was a weakness that would make me seem incapable, less-than and I don’t know, just weak! I didn’t realize vulnerability was not a weakness at ALL.

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Don’t let this be another year you fall short of your goals!

Last year I thought THIS is my year. I’m going to get super fit with killer abs and toned legs and an overall healthy glow. I started off going to the gym everyday, lifting weights, doing intense workouts, making juices, eating salads— the works. Of course, we all know how this story ends, by February I’d missed a few days at the gym, sometimes I’d feel lazy and just want to watch Netflix. I ordered a pizza once for dinner and it all went down hill. By March I was the same old Cat I was back in December 2019. The problem is we are going about it all wrong. We rely heavily on our own will-power, knowing all too well that our will-power has failed us time and time again. Instead of repeating history, we need to review what works and try that.

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Train Your Brain to Optimistic

Amidst the Covid pandemic, my sister and I advised my mom against traveling— advice which she completely ignored and brushed off. Yesterday she returned from…

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Why you Should have a Mentor

Successful people have mentors. That’s the answer. Why successful people continue to have mentors is another question. The answer is that no matter how successful…

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