Life Coaching with Cat

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Life is not merely about surviving,

it’s about thriving.

Life Coaching with Cat

Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals….

We all have them right? The real question is how serious are we about reaching them?

It’s not that we don’t want to reach our goals, it’s that sometimes we just need a little push. Life coaching is that little push and more; it’s about you seeing the extraordinary inside yourself! I believe we all hold the potential to learn, grow and evolve. As a life coach, it’s my goal to unfold this potential in my clients.

Start your journey now.

I know you’re ready to break through that plateau, reboot your routine, and finally achieve the results you desire. Coaching is a great way to map out an action plan and take control of your happiness and success.

Learn how coaching can benefit you through a free introductory coaching call. During the call, we will review your goals, go through a mini coaching session, and create initial action steps towards your goal. After the call, you’ll know first hand the value coaching can offer you. 

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Build confidence in your ability to obtain success and happiness in your life.
Take steps toward your goals while remaining true to your authentic self.
Create balance in your life through self awareness, self love and self care.
Learn, Grow, and Evolve.

Is it on your “to-do list” but it never gets done?!

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but, it ain’t gonna get itself done.

Now if you’re ready to:

  • Take action
  • Take full responsibility for your future
  • Accomplish your goals
  • Increase your confidence

It’s time to start your coaching journey.

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What’s included?

 Weekly or biweekly 60-Minute Coaching Calls

Personalized Accountability Strategy

Weekly Action Plan

Weekly Text or Email Check-In

E-mail And Text Support


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Why do I need a coach? I have supportive friends and family to help me stay on track.

This is a very common question and I can see why (as someone who also has supportive friends and family!). Coaching offers a consistent, unbiased, and judgement free environment for you to plan your goals, create an action plan, and hold yourself accountable. As a coach, my objective is to make sure your actions and mindset are aligned with your goals. In short, I help you think critically, strategically and outside of the box. I offer my outsiders perspective to help you navigate challenges and obstacles. We work together to move your goals forward by checking in weekly, trouble shooting, building the 3Cs (confidence, consistency, and calmness), and making sure you aren’t burning out in the process.

How long is the coahcing program?

What we seek to accomplish is longterm results and that takes time. With that said, I offer a minimum of 4 calls and up-to 12 calls per coaching contract. If you want to test it out before diving deeper into coaching, I’d recommend starting with 4 calls and going from there. Remember, goals aren’t achieved overnight and neither are good habits.

Can I start right away?

Yes! Well…yes if there is space available. I take on two life coaching clients at any given time. This is to ensure quality and attention to detail, so secure your spot early!

How much does the program cost? Do you offer payment plans?

The investment is $95USD per call. I say INVESTMENT because it’s easy to look at a price tag and think, “ahh do I really want to spend this money?” and I want you to remember you are doing this for YOU and for your benefit. The fine print: You must commit to a minimum of 4 calls and as many as 12 calls in one coaching contract. You can pay in full and get a 15% loyalty discount or you can split up the payments in two or three payments depending on how many calls you contract.

What if I am unsatisfied? Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! The only thing worse than a dissatisfied client, is a dissatisfied client who can’t get their money back. My program offers a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked (Okay, I’ll want to know why, but I’ll still give you your money back!).

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