Vulnerability can be your superpower!

I sat down with Gary, a tutor and aspiring life coach, to talk about what it means to be vulnerable and how vulnerability can help us, rather than hinder us. I have to admit, not too long ago, I thought being vulnerable (and showing it) was a weakness that would make me seem incapable, less-than and I don’t know, just weak! I didn’t realize vulnerability was not a weakness at ALL.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Energy and Time

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4 Rules to Help you Stick to Your Budget

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confident senior businessman holding money in hands while sitting at table near laptop

Life Lesson #99 Why the Rich are Rich and You’re Still Broke

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Is love selfish?

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Is life balance possible?

In a previous post I briefly touched on the Buddhist concept of “The Middle Way,” in relation to love and relationships. The gist was that we should neither rush into falling in love nor reject love altogether. Instead,… Read More

Day 17: Culture Wars—Mom why are you like that?!

30 Day Writing Challenge The other day I went to visit my friend in NYC for a comedy show and dinner. I showered, put on some clothes, did my hair and walked out the door. Long story short,… Read More

Day 16: Life Lesson #98 You’re BROKE because you act rich…except rich people don’t act like that.

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Day 15: WAKE UP! You’re wasting time. Why I wake up at 5am daily.

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