2 Life-Changing Habits to Live more Intentionally

How to really create change in your life. What is life?? Does anyone else ever worry that they are just strolling through life without a clear plan or goal for the future? I know there are a lot… Read More

Day 29: The Art of Mindfulness

Healthy Habits 101 30 Day Writing Challenge There seems to be widespread misconceptions and misinformation about mindfulness. The term itself is a Western concept inspired by the ancient Eastern practices of Buddhism, but taking on a slightly new… Read More

Day 28: Frugal ≠ Cheap

Saving Habits 101 30 Day Writing Challenge Yesterday I went out with a friend and we were having a conversation about money. She kept referring to herself as cheap and I kept correcting her and saying she was… Read More

Day 27: Cash is King

Saving Habits 101 30 Day Writing Challenge More countries around the world are embracing the concept of borrowing money, especially as national economies become intertwined with one another. For example, it used to be well off families sent… Read More

Day 25: Skeletons Part 2

30 Day Writing Challenge Read Part 1: Jorge George George drove up McArthur Blvd at lighting speed. He had to get home before breakfast or he would never hear the end of it. His wife Melissa talked his… Read More

Day 24: Skeletons

30 Day Writing Challenge Jorge Jorge drives down McArthur Blvd at lightning speed. He has to get home before dinner time or he will never hear the end of it. His wife Valentina talked his ear off last… Read More

Day 21: Don’t Give Up.

Some #MondayMotivation to get your week going. 30 Day Writing Challenge When I was younger I had so much fire in me. I was the youngest of 5 and somewhat of a golden child. My parents, my teachers,… Read More

Day 20: The Truth about Side Hustles…

How to really make money from a side hustle. 30 Day Writing Challenge The Infamous Side Hustle. I just watched an 18 minute Youtube video on side hustles. It is one of countless Youtube videos and blog posts… Read More

Day 19: One of the Most Important Success Habits…

30 Day Writing Challenge Reading. Some of the most influential people in the world claim to read a book a week or if you’re Warren Buffet, 500 pages of financial documents. In case it isn’t obvious, reading is… Read More

Day 18: A Short Story

30 Day Writing Challenge After years of living elsewhere, she walks the streets of her hometown in amazement. Where there was once concert, there are now patches of green. She use to drive 20 minutes and a few… Read More

Day 14: Tangled Part 2

30 Day Writing Challenge Coral steps into the short man’s apartment in amazement. His walls are floor to ceiling bookshelves full of everything from books, magazines, trinkets, globes, action figures, on and on. As you move through the… Read More

Day 11: Error 567—When life interrupts your plans…

30 Day Writing Challenge Here’s the thing— sometimes we have these HUGE plans for ourselves and then BOMB, life happens and ruins it all for us. For example, I’m currently doing this 30 day writing challenge, but yesterday… Read More